Foundations of Physics 1 (PHYS1122)

The material on this page is used in my stage 1 undergraduate tutorials at Durham University. These notes may be updated as the tutorial course progresses, or with any corrections or additional information.

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October 2022

  • Dimensional analysis, units and significant figures

    starting October 10

    last updated October 11

  • Order of magnitude estimations and relative motion

    starting October 17

    last updated October 30

  • Dimensional analysis in fluid dynamics and conservative forces

    starting October 24

  • Simple harmonic motion

    starting October 31

    last updated October 30


November 2022

  • Equilibria

    starting November 7

    last updated November 12

  • Orbital mechanics

    starting November 14

  • Progress test feedback session

    starting November 21

  • Standing waves

    starting November 28

    [Notes will be uploaded at the end of wc Nov 28.]

December 2022

  • Snells' law and polarisation

    starting December 5

    [No notes — these tutorials will be covered by someone else.]

January 2023

  • Circuits

    starting January 9

  • Electric fields and lenses

    starting January 16

  • Linear superposition of electric fields

    starting January 23

  • The muon problem

    starting January 30

Tutorial notes for the rest of 2023 will be released soon.

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